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Life of Praise

Life of Praise is a discipleship ministry at its core. Our vision is to take the Gospel to some of the most difficult to reach places in the world. We come alongside key partners using Jesus’ relationship with His disciples as a model to disciple, mentor, and train, local believers. Our mentoring approach is relational and tailored for each individual, and projects are fully integrated into the national identity. Our goal is to leave all sense of ownership firmly planted in the countries where we work.


The city of London is truly a “world city” with over 300 first-languages spoken. We are working to foster a multiplying church-planting movement in this diverse culture by reaching those far from the Church, casting vision for Christians to focus on reaching the lost, and modeling Christian community.

The beauty of ministry in London is access to the many nations represented here. Because the people of London are literally from every nation, the Gospel has the potential to stream back to the home country every time a disciple is made.



Turkey is a country of over 70 million people – 99% claim Islam as their religion. We have established a network community through multiple online sites providing resources and social connections. We support the community throughout Central Asia and have seen the network grow over the last six years. We are seeing over 100 people from a Muslim background choose to follow Jesus each year.

Our evangelistic work has made obvious the need to provide discipleship for new believers. New Christians are committing to follow Jesus at high personal cost, and they are eager to take the next step. Our top request is for training, and we provide this in multiple creative ways.



Our ministry in Russia is in the Republic of Tatarstan which lies approximately 430 miles East of Moscow. Tatarstan’s population consists of roughly 50% Russian (of Orthodox ancestry) and 50% Tatar (of Muslim ancestry).

We are currently in our second decade of work in Tatarstan by supporting high-priority projects that are identified by our ministry partner.



New relationships are forming with a potential partner based in Cairo, Egypt. The focus of this work is discipleship through Medical outreach, and we expect this to develop in the coming years.


Life of Praise has operated from its base in Dallas, Texas since 2004 to carry out projects world-wide. Life of Praise doesn’t have a physical office, allowing us to direct financial resources into projects overseas. Teams and financial partners work together to execute projects focused on Bible training, business development, and discipleship. Select American teams are recruited as required from across Texas and the US, trained, and sent to meet specific needs.

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